Augustinianum College

Presentation The Augustinianum College was founded in 1933 in the historic centre of Milan to complete and implement the educational project initiated by Father Agostino Gemelli through the creation in 1921 of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart. The College aims above all to be a place of study and an opportunity for students to live the university years to the full. The Augustinianum is

San Luca - A. Barelli College

Presentation The College of St. Luke - Armida Barelli recalls, in its double name, two important figures: St. Luke, medical evangelist, patron of doctors of medicine, and Armida Barelli, founder of the College together with Father Agostino Gemelli. Placing the human person and his growth at the centre of its aims, the College aims to offer a

San Damiano College

Presentation The San Damiano, located just a few minutes' walk from the entrance to the 'Agostino Gemelli' Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, boasts modern and functional premises, thanks to a radical renovation carried out in 2006. This made it possible to renovate the rooms and common areas with kitchens, TV rooms, laundry, study rooms and

Nuovo Joanneum College

Presentation The New Joanneum, with the other In Campus Colleges, demonstrates that the Sacred Heart University has met the challenge of creating a suitable environment for the students of the "Agostino Gemelli" Faculty of Medicine and Surgery to follow a path of integral formation, because - as Monsignor Sergio Lanza, General Ecclesiastical Assistant since 2008, observed

Ker Maria College

Presentation Ker Maria responds to the dictates of Father Agostino Gemelli, who conceived of colleges as laboratories for the integral maturation of the person to accompany the individual's daily academic studies. The College has single and double rooms, with common areas, kitchen, TV room, laundry, video library, library, and a PC point on each floor,

Sant’Isidoro College

Presentation The Collegio S. Isidoro was inaugurated in 1955, at the express wish of Father Agostino Gemelli, founder of the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore. Located in the immediate vicinity of the Piacenza branch of the Catholic University, the College has undergone numerous modifications and renovations over the years, also due to the increase in enrolments and the construction of the women's wing (inaugurated in 2001). In September

Paolo VI College

The Paul VI College was founded in the 1960s thanks to the will of the pope of the same name, designed by Giò Ponti. The residence is located in a quiet period neighbourhood not far from the Catholic University, which can therefore be reached in a few minutes on foot or by public transport. Presentation The Paul VI College was founded in the years

Marianum College

Presentation The Marianum is located in the city centre of Milan in an area of great cultural, symbolic and historical importance, surrounded by a large garden. The current premises, located at number 18 Via San Vittore and recently renovated, offer 153 beds mainly in single rooms in a comfortable and extremely well-maintained environment. Founded in

Ludovicianum College

The Collegio Ludovicianum from the academic year 2023/2024 will be temporarily located, due to building renovation works, at the Residenza Buonarroti Presentation The Collegio Ludovicianum owes its name to Ludovico Necchi, a central figure in the history of the Catholic University, co-founder of the same together with Agostino Gemelli. It was initially designed to accommodate young priests and clerics studying at the University,