The San Luca - Armida Barelli College recalls, in its double name, two important figures: St. Luke, medical evangelist, patron of doctors of medicine, and Armida Barelli, founder of the College together with Father Agostino Gemelli.

The College aims to encourage the active and conscious participation of female students in the various activities promoted by the College itself, the intercollegiate bodies, the University and the Pastoral Centre, and the Diocese of Rome.

A formative team headed by the Head of the College favours moments of aggregation among the students, offering an educational project attentive to the human and professional maturation of each of them and to the sharing of a genuine experience of community life. Added to this is the possibility of participating in spiritual moments thanks to the valuable presence of the Pastoral Assistant.

The College has mainly single rooms with private bathrooms, spread over the three floors of the "Istituto Adorazione del Sacro Cuore" building, in the immediate vicinity of the "A. Gemelli" polyclinic and the university campus.

USE: female
BEDS: 48, mostly in single room with bathroom

What you find in the facility:

  • Bed linen (with laundry service charge)

What to bring from home:

  • Bathroom linen


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02 rome san luca barelli college - A. Barelli

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Institutional bodies

Director: Sister Sandra Bonura
Deputy director: Miss Maria Roita Gaia Livatino
Assistant Directors: Miss Mirjam Denuzzo, Dr. Valentina Vicino
Pastoral assistant: Don Antonio Bomenuto

Student Presidency
President: Lucia Giacomobono
Vice-President: Gao Li He
Treasurer: Costanza Rosa Salvia

The president, with the cooperation of the vice-president, represents all the students of the College for the entire academic year. He/she convenes the student assembly by setting the agenda and ensuring that it is conducted in a disciplined manner, as well as taking the minutes.
The treasurer takes care of the day-to-day management and supervision of the cash, in cooperation with the College Management.

Cultural Commission
Responsible: Maria Rita Gaia Livatino | Sofia Pavone

The role of the cultural commission is to make known the riches of our territory, from the oldest to the most recent; ranging from visits to museums to modern art exhibitions, from participation in plays and musicals to convivial game evenings with all the boarding school girls, seeking in this way to enrich the knowledge of each girl and at the same time offer opportunities to get together.

Liturgical Commission
Responsible: Angela Amendolagine | Marianna Nicodemi
Charity Commission
Responsible: Federica Galluzzo | Francesca D'Auria

The liturgical and charitable commissions endeavour to offer the collegiate community the opportunity to come into contact with realities of solidarity and promote the realisation of small altruistic gestures that can help all the girls rediscover the value of what, as human beings, we have and what we lack, not only on a material level.

It is also responsible for making community liturgical moments special and unique, often through music.

Recreational Commission
Responsible: Genny Pastore | Floriana Asta

Lectures, studying, internships, exams and more lectures and more studying: how often do you want to take a break from the university routine.
This is precisely what the Recreation Commission is all about: organising leisure and entertainment events that intrigue and stimulate the imagination of boarding school girls.
Singing, dancing, board games, decorations, cooking competitions and much more, with the aim of involving and being involved, in a happy and carefree atmosphere.

Logistical/Housing Commission
Responsible: Martina Ganio | Laura Ferrero

The logistical-housing committee manages and co-ordinates activities within the college, especially updating the various social pages, dealing with purchases proposed by students, and managing the background of college events.
With regard to this last point, the students in the committee are engaged in the production of material, which can be consulted especially on the social pages, in order to better prepare themselves on the topics proposed in the various meetings, and following these meetings they take photos and make articles.

Social/Communication Commission
Responsible: Mirjam Denuzzo | Sara Astarita

Intercollegiate Organisational Council
Alessandra Gaeta | Simona Caruso

Intercollegiate activities, promoted in an atmosphere of cooperation with the other Colleges, represent an important moment of sharing and confrontation.
Every year, representatives are elected at the assembly, who take part in the Inter-collegiate Organisational Council (I.O.C.)made up of various representatives (collegiate COI members, President and Vice-President of both the Colleges On Campus and the Residences In Town, a Pastoral Assistant, an EDUCatt representative).
The C.O.I. organises cultural events, trips, parties and sports activities that make the collegiate experience unique and provide unforgettable moments.

Mission Statement

Training Project

01 san luca barelli training project Collegio San Luca - A. Barelli

02 san luca barelli training project Collegio San Luca - A. Barelli

03 san luca barelli training project Collegio San Luca - A. Barelli

04 san luca barelli training project Collegio San Luca - A. Barelli

05 san luca barelli fromative project San Luca College - A. Barelli

06 san luca barelli training project Collegio San Luca - A. Barelli



The College is located at Via della Pineta Sacchetti 231 - 00168 Rome.