The San Luca - Armida Barelli College recalls, in its double name, two important figures: St. Luke, medical evangelist, patron of doctors of medicine, and Armida Barelli, founder of the College together with Father Agostino Gemelli.

By placing the human person and his growth at the centre of its aims, the College aims to provide a favourable educational environment capable of offering Christian-inspired training processes, in keeping with the founding principles of the Catholic University and the Formative Project for Colleges.

The training team proposes to apply the constituent elements of the training project on a daily basis:

  • encouraging the active and conscious participation of female students in the various activities promoted by the College itself, the intercollegiate bodies, the University and the Pastoral Centre;
  • fostering a relational quality within the community and the University with a view to a genuine experience of community life;
  • accompanying progressive empowerment through active engagement in committees and in the various experiences proposed.
    Together with the management and the representative of the EDUCatt Foundation, the Pastoral Assistant, through his activity and by participating in the life of the community, accompanies and ensures a more complete Christian formation proposal.

The College has single rooms with private bathroom, spread over the three floors of the "Istituto Adorazione del Sacro Cuore" building, in the immediate vicinity of the "A. Gemelli" polyclinic and the University Campus.

USE: female
BEDS: 48, mostly in single room with bathroom
TELEPHONE: 3666160619
ADDRESS: Via della Pineta Sacchetti, 231 - 00168 Rome

What you find in the facility:

  • Bed linen (with laundry service charge)
  • Canteen service

What to bring from home:

  • Bathroom linen
  • Fireproof winter blanket or duvet


1 San Luca College - A. Barelli

2 San Luca College - A. Barelli

3 San Luca College - A. Barelli

4 San Luca College - A. Barelli

6 San Luca College - A. Barelli

5 San Luca College - A. Barelli

7 San Luca College - A. Barelli

Institutional bodies

Director: Sister Sandra Bonura
Deputy director: Miss Maria Rita Gaia Livatino
Assistant Directors: Miss Asta Floriana, Miss Astarita Sara, Miss Giacomobono Lucia
Pastoral assistant: Don Luca De Sanctis

EDUCatt representative: Rita Montrone

Student Presidency
President: Sofia Pavone
Vice-president: Roberta Moselli
Treasurer: Alexandra Brittelli

The President represents all collegians, being the spokesperson to the College Management and the representative of EDUCatt of their needs, proposals and aspirations. He sees to the orderly running of the College Assembly, chairs the College Organising Commission and is a member of the Inter-Collegiate Organising Council (IOC).
It fully shares the aims of the IOC, and therefore promotes, together with it, cultural, spiritual, recreational and intercollegiate sports activities, with the aim of fostering experiences of community relations and growth that are in line with the Formative Project.

Cultural Commission
Contact person and deputy: Chiara Cottone and Elisabetta Segreto

The cultural commission endeavours to implement all those proposals and activities that help each college and the college as a whole to mature in this specific area of education.
For this reason, its members discern together the cultural proposals that best help the collegiate members, present in that specific year, to mature:

  • an intellectual attitude that goes beyond the boundaries of one's own subject and Faculty, that opens up to reality in all its aspects;
  • a capacity for critical reading of reality, in its values and ambiguities;
  • an ever new search for truth enlightened by faith;
  • serious preparation, with a view to the responsible and competent assumption of one's profession;
  • the commitment to act as responsible actors in the transformation of society;
  • an openness and appreciation of all cultures.

Exemplification of some areas of commitment:

  • make known the riches of our territory, its history and resources;
  • encouraging information, attention to what is happening and its critical reading;
  • highlighting certain anniversaries, celebratory days;
  • promotion of visits to museums and exhibitions;
  • participation in theatre performances;
  • valorisation and promotion of the activities carried out by the Office for Culture and Universities of the Vicariate of Rome;
  • cineforum;
  • outings, pilgrimages, trips;
  • in-depth studies on topical issues;
  • offer at the same time opportunities to get together around reflection on issues of common interest, while also stimulating the critical and informed thinking of each.

Liturgical Commission
Contact person and deputy: Laura Di Pasquale and Alice Morreale

The college stands as a clearly qualified environment for a confrontation with the Christian proposal. It proposes a path of experiential and intellectual maturation, in order to achieve a high moral profile and a harmonious integration between faith and life.
The liturgical commission endeavours to implement all those proposals and activities that help each collegiate and the college as a whole to mature in this specific area of formation.
It therefore works, in connection with the path proposed by the formation project, for the judicious and wise proposal of activities that promote it in the context of faith, bearing in mind the collegiate context with its needs and requirements for growth. The liturgical commission is responsible for promoting

  • the adherence of the collegiate community to the faith journey proposals;
  • knowledge and deepening of the Word of God and the Magisterium of the Church;
  • experiences of prayer, catechesis, liturgical celebrations;
  • openness to universal values, to be made one's own, to be translated into life and concrete experiences to be shared, with a view to human fraternity;
  • knowledge of and participation in the initiatives of the local Church and the universal Church;
  • synergy with the Athenaeum's Pastoral Centre;
  • stimulates and nurtures participation in the high times of the liturgical year, pilgrimages, retreats, Spiritual Exercises and, in general, all those forms that nurture community and growth in faith;
  • meeting and dialogue with witnesses of the faith or people living a different religious experience
  • the coordination and animation of the different liturgical moments.

Charity Commission
Contact person and deputy: Francesca Manzo and Rossella Campioni

With a view to actively collaborating in the integral formation of the person, the College sees itself as a place that invites one to take care of others, that shapes the generous gift of self. Particular significance is attributed to the possibility of allowing people to experience, starting from daily life, the free gift of their time and resources, in constant attention to their neighbour, whoever he or she may be.
The Charity Commission endeavours to implement all those proposals and activities that help each college and the college as a whole to mature in this specific area of formation.

The charitable commissions therefore commit themselves to

  • promote the realisation of concrete acts of charity;
  • help all girls rediscover the value of what they have and overcome a self-centred view of life;
  • educating in sobriety, care for things and people, respect for the environment and creation, for work and the dignity of people;
  • to try to offer the collegiate community the opportunity to come into contact with realities of solidarity; to get to know, collaborate with and support certain voluntary realities (radiotherapy department, Sant'Egidio community, Villetta della Misericordia, Cuamm, Casa Betania...);
  • living and stimulating a sapiential reading of needs, helping each one to grow in the co-responsibility of taking charge;
  • takes into account the needs of the territory, the hospital, the parish;
  • takes what is happening in the world to heart and promotes attention to it;
  • to promote solidarity and mutual aid within the college, among its various members and towards those who share everyday life with us

Recreational Commission
Contact person and deputy: Lucia Panzarino and Sara Brancaccio

The Formative Project recognises in the encounter with the other a constitutive element of being oneself and a precious possibility to grow in humanity.
The recreational commission endeavours to implement all those proposals and activities that help each college and the college as a whole to mature in this specific training area.

For this:

  • makes it possible for everyone to discover, by experiencing it, the beauty and richness of meeting others, of being together in the gratuitousness of relationships;
  • educates and offers tools to nurture, in co-responsibility, a serene, family atmosphere, where everyone finds space, a listening ear, a chance to get to know and be known;
  • encourages one to value and welcome oneself and others, bearing in mind one's wealth, limitations and needs;
  • offers opportunities for recreation, fun, joy that intrigue and stimulate, that help to take a balanced break from study fatigue and to find refreshment and fellowship;
  • offers spaces and opportunities for fraternity, listening, exchange;
  • coordinates the organisation of boarding school events on special occasions, both those of tradition (Festa delle laureande, Christmas dinner, secret santa ...) and those fuelled by the girls' creativity and proposals;
  • makes himself available in the preparation of convivial moments;
  • can be creative and proactive, makes sure everyone is involved;
  • animates through different activities, to meet different needs: singing, dancing, board games, decorations, cooking competitions and much more, with the aim of involving and being involved, in an atmosphere of joy and light-heartedness.

Logistical/Housing Commission
Contact person and deputy: Claudia Cuttaia and Marianna Nicodemi

Life in boarding schools involves experiencing co-habitation and daily encounters with other people. The environments, the tools, every logistical-housing aspect contribute to creating a familiar, welcoming environment, capable of stimulating belonging and fraternity.
The logistical-housing commission, dealing with the management of the communal areas, works to implement all those proposals and activities that help each college and the college as a whole to mature in this specific training area.

  • takes care of things and environments so that they can be welcoming to all;
  • carefully see to it that what is needed is not missing and that purchases/replenishments are made;
  • is in charge of coordinating the rota and collaboration on some shared activities (taking care of the rooms, using the washing machine ...);
  • takes care of the directions and information to be given regarding the use of tools and environments;
  • It also cultivates special attention to Environmental Education (separate collection of waste, not wasting but sharing and reusing, revaluation of simple or recycled materials...);
  • is available to decorate, decorate, prepare rooms for festivities, parties, boarding school events;
  • is creative and proactive in identifying solutions to problems/needs related to the use of environments.

Social/Communication Commission
Contact person and deputy: Alessandra Gaeta and Francesca Chicoli

Information and communication are two privileged tools to nurture belonging, to enable inclusion and a shared journey, to spur, encourage, support and accompany. Again, to enhance what is proposed and experienced and to generate gratitude and hope.
The social-communication commission endeavours to implement all those proposals and activities that help each college and the college as a whole to mature in this specific training area.
It is responsible for creating a virtual bridge to share our daily boarding school life, activities carried out, milestones and important moments of the training project.

  • The members of the committee participate in the various activities, collecting photos/articles and content to be shared on social pages, creating a veritable treasure trove of memories and insights accessible to all;
  • They are responsible for the creation of the college yearbook;
  • They collaborate in the drafting of articles and the Mission Statement;
  • They ensure that the various initiatives of the extended collegiate community are disseminated, publicised and enhanced.

Sports Commission
Contact person and deputy: Attanasio Sara and Policriti Desiree

The practice of sport, and more generally education for a healthy and balanced lifestyle, represents an important and indispensable educational pathway, a privileged channel for experiencing certain virtuous behaviours and for the internalisation of certain values that are fundamental to a person's psychophysical balance.

The sports committee endeavours to implement all those proposals and activities that help each college and the college as a whole to mature in this specific training area.

  • It is concerned with creating opportunities that promote sport and health;
  • It offers opportunities for training, individual and group sports experiences;
  • It takes care of information regarding tariffs and subscriptions;
  • enhances the presence of the Educatt gym, with the possible involvement of a personal trainer or sports specialists;
  • It stimulates and proposes the offer of specific courses;
  • It accompanies and supports the IOC sports for the realisation of the collegiate games, managing the trainings to make them effective and functional, stimulating participation, co-responsibility and involvement of all;
  • It undertakes to set up and look after the material, places and uniforms needed for these activities. It takes care that these are respected and returned;
  • It ensures that sport preserves the moral, spiritual and educational aspects that it embodies and which must remain intact. It ensures that inclusion, respect and communion are privileged objectives and are not threatened by unfair competition.

Intercollegiate Organisational Council
Chiara Gagliardi and Annachiara Strafella

Intercollegiate activities, promoted in an atmosphere of cooperation with the other Colleges, represent an important moment of sharing and confrontation.
Every year a number of representatives are elected at the assembly, who take part in the Inter-collegiate Organisational Council (I.O.C.), made up of various representatives (I.O.C. members, President and Vice-President of both the Colleges On Campus and the Residences In Town, a Pastoral Assistant, an EDUCatt representative).
The C.O.I. organises cultural events, trips, parties and sports activities that make the collegiate experience unique and provide unforgettable moments.

Mission Statement

Training Project

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The College is located at Via della Pineta Sacchetti 231 - 00168 Rome.