The Charters of the Colleges on Campus

The following are the founding documents that shape the experience of the Colleges on Campus of the Catholic University and that together express the educational intentionality underlying the residential system promoted by the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart through the EDUCatt Foundation.

The Regulations of Residences in the City

Below are the rules of access and residency, for the available facilities, among the Residences in the City.

  • Regulations for Residences in the City (Milan isUrsuline College, Stimmatine College | for the campus of Rome,: University College "Renzi", University College "Il Romitello", University College "Sacra Famiglia" ITA/ENG, University College "Capitanio", University College "San Giuseppe Marello", University College "inCampus Guesthouse" ITA/ENG, University College "Ravizza Guesthouse" ITA/ENG | Brescia: 'Sacred Heart' University College, 'St. George' Episcopal College)
  • Regulation of the Buonarroti Residence (Milan is - ITA/ENG version)
  • General Terms and Conditions In-Domus (Milan is: Campus Monneret and Campus Olympia)

College Draft


Useful documents for return and stay:

Forms and information

In English: