The New Joanneum, with the other In Campus Colleges, proves that the Sacred Heart University has met the challenge of creating for the students of the Faculty of Medicine "Agostino Gemelli" a suitable environment to follow a path of integral formation, because - as Monsignor Sergio Lanza, General Ecclesiastical Assistant from 2008 to 2012, observed - "a Catholic University without a College would be lame".
The New Joanneum embodies an innovative model: it is structured in independent flats of 3-5 predominantly single rooms, with dedicated kitchen and bathroom facilities, and this makes it possible to reproduce a family atmosphere, favouring aggregation for small groups. These are cells that form the fabric of a larger community, in which the daily confrontation with young people of different ages and course years enables newcomers in particular to overcome initial difficulties, drawing on the experience of 'older' students. The common areas are extensive, with a large kitchen, TV and conference rooms, laundry room, music room, study and reading rooms, PC, video library and library. Free Wi-Fi is provided.
The educational proposal organised by the College's Management is implemented through in-depth scientific and cultural events, specific courses, volunteer initiatives, guided tours, sports tournaments and other recreational activities that offer students the opportunity to improve their knowledge, skills, abilities - and to cultivate various interests. Added to this is the possibility of participating in spiritual moments thanks to the valuable presence of the pastoral assistant.

USE: male
BEDS: 93
Tel: 0630153300 - 0630155206

What you find in the facility:

  • Dedicated kitchen in each flat

What to bring from home:

  • Bed linen (sheets and linen change available at an extra charge)
  • Bathroom linen
  • Crockery and cookware


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Institutional bodies

Director: Dr. Matteo Sanzolini
Deputy Director: Mr. Andrea De Simone
Assistant Directors: Mr Francesco Modugno, Mr Raffaele Pagano, Mr Giovanni Piccioli Cappelli, Mr Manuel Scalisi, Mr Fabio Spagnuolo
Pastoral assistant: Don Antonio Bomenuto

Treasurer and Secretary: Paolo Sposato

Freshman Tutor: Giovanni Piccioli Cappelli

Student Presidency
President: Francesco Ricci
Vice-president: Alberto Montanino
The president, with the cooperation of the vice-president, represents all the students of the College for the entire academic year. He/she convenes the student assembly by setting the agenda and ensuring that it is conducted in a disciplined manner, as well as taking the minutes.
Treasurer and Secretary: Paolo Sposato

Culture Commission
Responsible: Amedeo Pilon
Deputy Head: Angelo Latella
The Culture Commission is responsible for organising and facilitating the collegiate students' enjoyment of anything that may be of cultural interest: from film forums that are also open to those outside the College, to cultural outings (a day at the theatre, or a visit to the many monuments of historical and artistic interest that Rome and its surroundings offer). It also deals with the purchase of new titles to enrich the College's video library and library, as well as the management of the music room.

Liturgical-Charitable Commission
Responsible: Giacomo Sardellitti
Deputy Head: Antonio Messina
This commission is the result of the merger of two sub-commissions. The Liturgical Commission deals, in synergy with the Pastoral Assistant, with the organisation and logistical support of liturgical events such as midweek Mass, the recitation of Compline, the Stations of the Cross, and the preparation of the Nativity scene. The Charity Commission, on the other hand, aims to raise awareness among boarding school students by involving them in charitable activities, such as football matches with fundraising or the collection of used clothing. It also gathers a large group of boarding school students monthly as helpers for the John Paul II Canteen of the Rome Diocesan Caritas.

Recreational Commission
Responsible: Davide Diviesti
Deputy Head: Cesare Grasso
The Recreational Commission takes care of the recreational aspect of boarding school life. Every year it organises internal College sports tournaments (five-a-side football, basketball, volleyball, table-football, chess, tennis) and proposes theme game evenings. It also organises parties and get-togethers open to those outside the College.

Logistics Commission
Responsible: Francesco De Siena
Deputy Head: Luigi Doronzo
The Housing Commission aims to improve and beautify the common areas of the College. It collaborates with the various Commissions in the logistical organisation of events such as the Collegio party or the preparation of the Nativity scene. It also proposes the "Collegio Christmas Dinner", in which each flat prepares a dish that will then be eaten in an atmosphere of cheerfulness and conviviality together with all the boarders.

Appointed for voluntary work: Fabio Spagnuolo

Members of the Intercollegiate Organisational Council (IOC): Giovanni Di Dio; Silvio Di Franco; Michele Rossetti

Mission Statement

Training Project

01 new joanneum college training project

02 new joanneum college training project

03 new joanneum college training project

04 new joanneum college training project

05 new joanneum college training project



The College is located at Largo Francesco Vito 1 - 00168 Rome.