As of the academic year 2023/2024, the Collegio Ludovicianum will be temporarily housed, due to building redevelopment, at the Buonarroti Residence


The College Ludovicianum owes its name to Ludovico Necchi, a central figure in the history of the Catholic University, co-founder of it together with Agostino Gemelli.

Initially conceived to host young priests and clerics studying at the University, its historical seat, located in via Necchi 5, was solemnly inaugurated on 8 December 1934. Closed in the early 1970s, in 1992 - on the initiative of Rector Adriano Bausola - the Ludovicianum reopened its doors in Via Osimo 10 (Porto di Mare district). In 2001 the College was transferred in the new premises at 35 Via San Vittore, a completely refurbished building located close to the Basilica of Sant'Ambrogio in the historic city centre of Milan. Temporarily, the office has now been moved to the Residenza Buonarroti, Piazza Buonarroti 30.

Every year the Ludovicianum offers its students initiatives of cultural deepening, opportunities for socialising and celebration. With a view to fostering interdisciplinary knowledge and listening to different sensitivities, the initiatives of the Training Project of the Ludovicianum are declined along three main lines:

  • cultural deepening
  • the development of transversal competences
  • service to society

Alongside the proposal of activities organised directly by the Directorate and the students, there are also initiatives with a distinct inter-collegiate vocation such as, for example, higher education courses, language courses, and trips abroad, which are realised thanks to the support of the University, the Giuseppe Toniolo Institute for Advanced Studies and the EDUCatt Foundation. Every year, in August, the Mission Statement of the College, a document summarising the activities carried out during the previous academic year.

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USE: male
BEDS59 in a single room with private bathroom
Tel: 02.433571


Institutional bodies

Director: Dr Gaetano Manara
Deputy Director: Mr Piergiuseppe Capriotti
Assistant Director: Mr. Alessandro Anselmo, Mr. Arturo Manuel Giudice
Spiritual Assistant: Don Lorenzo Emilio Luca Mancini

President: Andrea Mazzei
Vice-President: Piergiorgio Gurrieri

The President, with the cooperation of the Vice-President, represents all the collegiate bodies for the entire academic year. He convenes the Student Assembly, setting the agenda and ensuring that it is orderly and that the minutes are drawn up.
He chairs the Organisational Commission and coordinates the work of the Commissions, working closely with them.

Cultural Commission
Responsible: Filippo Del Grande
Deputy Head: Jacopo Vannoni
Secretary: Davide Pezzella

The Cultural Commission enables college students to enrich their cultural education by organising and selecting projects and initiatives. It looks after the purchase of periodicals, the management of the College's library and promotes conferences and debates, in particular by organising the customary Legal-Economic Seminar at which, each year, current issues chosen by the students are addressed. It organises film forums and gives visibility to external initiatives such as theatre performances, exhibitions, concerts, etc.

Liturgical Commission
Responsible: Andrea Anselmo
Deputy Head: Rocco Pio Carriero
Secretary: Luca Palladino

The Liturgical Commission, under the guidance of the Spiritual Assistant, defines the spiritual itinerary of the College community. During the course of the academic year, it outlines a path ranging from participation in the Eucharist celebrated in the College chapel to the organisation, together with the other Colleges, of moments of preparation for Holy Christmas and Easter through meditation on the Word of God during the strong times of Advent and Lent.

Logistics Commission
Responsible: Francesco Falletta
Deputy Head: Marco El Asmar
Secretary: Andrea Bellanca

Through the updating and maintenance of the boarding school's interiors (kitchens, TV room, common areas, rooms), the logistics commission aims to optimise the logistical and environmental conditions for a comfortable stay in the community, while respecting the internal rules and regulations, as well as the individual needs of each boarding school member.

Recreational Commission
Responsible: Daniel Scherer
Deputy Head: Alessandro Frigotto
Secretary: Damiano Baldassari

The Recreational Commission is responsible for organising the College's recreational activities. It purchases, on the basis of student proposals, materials to be made available to the collegiate community and organises parties and conviviality events during the academic year. It also organises both internal and external sports tournaments with other colleges in Milan.

Communication Commission
Responsible: Alberto Bongiovì
Deputy Head: Pietro Giusto
Secretary: Federico Tomasoni

The Communication Commission manages the Collegio's social pages (Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, etc.), and publicises and promotes the various initiatives organised during the year by both the Collegio and the University. In general, it is committed to making the Collegio Ludovicianum known to the outside world, keeping alive the link with the Alumni who are already guests of the structure.

Intercollegiate Organisational Council
Representatives: Donato Maria Cerfeda, Salvatore Ferreri

Mission Statement

Training Project

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02 ludovicianum College educational project

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05 Ludovicianum College educational project

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The Collegio Ludovicianum is provisionally located at Piazza Buonarroti 30, at the Residenza Buonarroti - 20149 Milan.