The Marianum is located in the city centre of Milan in an area of great cultural, symbolic and historical importance, surrounded by a large garden.

The current premises, located at number 18 Via San Vittore and recently renovated, offer 153 beds mainly in single rooms in a comfortable and extremely well-maintained environment.

Founded in 1938 thanks to the will of Armida Barelli, Father Agostino Gemelli's tireless collaborator, the college has more than 70 years of history behind it, guaranteeing the right mix of continuity and innovation, community life and the enhancement of individual talents.

In addition, a stay at the Marianum College gives students access to higher education, English courses and many other opportunities reserved for students in the Colleges system of the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore.

USE: female
BEDS: 153, mostly in single room with bathroom
Tel: 02.499891

What you find in the facility:

  • Common kitchen
  • Bed linen (with laundry service charge)

What to bring from home:

  • Bathroom linen


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Institutional bodies

Director: Dr Maria Grazia Fiorentini
Deputy Director: Dr Chiara Cardigliano
Assistant Directors: Miss Giulia Fiammetta Desiati, Miss Marina Gasloni, Dr Chiara Scarabelli
Spiritual assistant: Don Giorgio Begni

President: Mariarita Sisto
Vice-President: Marta Giaretta

Housing Commission
Responsible: Anna Cento, Martina La Iacona, Chiara Loiacono

The housing commission offers logistical support to the other commissions at conferences and festivals; it supervises the control and purchase of tools and equipment for the common rooms.

Cultural Commission
Secretaries: Margherita Bertani, Annalisa Costanzo

The cultural commission is divided into the three sub-commissions Conferences, Journal and Web, which work synergistically to organise and promote cultural events within the college. At the end of each college year, it organises the Poetry and Music evening. The committee also organises Informarsi Insieme, a working group and discussion group on topical issues.

Contact persons: Sara Ciurlia and Mariateresa Colucci (Conferences); Rossella Savojardo and Agnese Ialuna (Journal); Flora Cirnelli (Web) and Giulia Iacovelli (Informing Together).

Liturgical Commission
Responsible: Chiara Cardigliano, Erica Fratellini, Benedetta Monaco

The liturgical commission supports the work of the college's pastoral assistant in the faith proposal, in cooperation with the other colleges and the Athenaeum Pastoral Centre, it organises the intercollegiate Christmas vigil and the spiritual retreat during Lent. It also organises moments of reflection and interreligious encounters, including the 'Peace Vigil'.

Recreational Commission
Responsible: Martina Montagna, Filomena Laquatra

The Recreation Commission is responsible for organising events and leisure time for the collegiate girls. Activities include outings, guided tours, parties and participation in theatre performances.

Solidarity Commission
Responsible: Francesca Sisto, Margherita Perrone, Grazia Nicoletti

The solidarity commission works to promote a culture of voluntary work, raising awareness through experience and information. Among the commission's activities are the organisation of solidarity markets, charity peaches and food collections.

Theca Commission
Responsible: Federica Cirone, Beatrice Spallacci, Giulia Zonfrilli

The Teca Commission, i.e. video-library, biblio-library, emero-library; takes care of the management of the library, the organisation of film forums, the purchase of books and DVDs, subscriptions to magazines and newspapers.

Mission Statement

Training Project

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02 marianum college education project

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The Marianum College is located at Via San Vittore 18 - 20121 Milan.