The University College of the Stigmatine Sisters was founded in 1986 following a joint request from the Rector of the Catholic University and the then President of the I.S.U., who pointed out to the person in charge the need to accommodate all girls who wished to pursue university studies in a Catholic-inspired structure.

Over the years, the residence has seen the presence of hundreds of students from all over Italy and abroad, showing itself not only as an accommodation solution but also as a place of spiritual and human formation.

There are plenty of spaces available for students, from the computer room to the study rooms, from the library to the kitchen.

Within the boarding school, activities are planned thanks to the cooperation of the management and the girls, who, according to their various interests, form various committees renewed annually, which are responsible for organising parties, ordering books for the library, and planning guided tours.

USE: female
BEDS: 53, mostly in single rooms with dedicated bathrooms
PHONE: 02.6595569

What you find on-site:

  • Common kitchen

What to bring from home:

  • Bath linens
  • Bed linen (sheets and linen change available at an extra charge)
  • Crockery and cookware


To view the Rules of the Structure click here.


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The college is located at Via Enrico Tazzoli, 17 - 20154 Milan.