St. George's Episcopal Boarding School defines itself as a place of human and Christian maturity, of in-depth cultural and personal formation for its boarders.

The residence was founded in Brescia in 1897 with the name 'Pensionato scolastico' and its first impulse was to create a boarding school to assist the students of the Arici School Institute and those forced to move to the city to attend public schools. In 1947, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of its foundation, it took the name Convitto Vescovile S. Giorgio (Bishop's Boarding School), as a sign of gratitude to Giorgio Montini, a forty-year supporter of the structure.

The primary objective is to create a healthy and deeply shared environment for all young people from different places and with heterogeneous personal experiences, who have in common the need to live their university career away from home.

For the implementation of the educational project, the boarding school equipped itself with large common areas, such as study rooms, newspaper library, library and reading rooms, as well as football, basketball and volleyball courts.

BEDS: in a single or double room with dedicated bathrooms
TEL: 030.3701183


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The college is located at Via Galileo Galilei, 67 - 25128 Brescia.