The 'Ursuline Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart' Institute has been present in Milan since 1884, and in 1936 saw the construction of a structure destined to become a 'Training School for Nursery School Teachers'.
In this building, university students soon began to be housed. In 1987, after careful renovation, the New University College was inaugurated.
The residence currently has numerous double and single rooms with dedicated bathroom, comfortable common areas, chapel, garden, gymnasium, equipped kitchen, wi-fi network, computer room and library. The college, by virtue of a twenty-year agreement with the Catholic University, launches a training project for female students who freely request it, through an educational proposal inspired by the Gospel.

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USE: female
BEDS: 55, in double or single rooms with dedicated bathroom
PHONE: 026688999


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The college is located at Via Adele Martignoni, 8 - 20124 Milan.