Clarifications and clarifications for the protection of the safety and health of the college community

quarantine colleges 265x265 2 Clarifications and clarifications for the protection of the safety and health of the college community

Isolation and quarantine period.

Taking into account what the Doctors in charge of the EDUCatt Health Centre of the various locations, it is emphasised that at present there is no confirmation of the fact that, after 21 days by the appearance of symptoms with the absence of symptoms for at least one week but with a still positive swab, the person is no longer infectious.

Therefore, a student in the Foundation's residential facilities must remain in seclusion until complete negativization of the swab. This decision is motivated by the fact that a positive student runs a high risk of being a vehicle for the transmission of the virus and thus endangering the health of the entire community, collegiate and otherwise.

In order to interrupt theisolation/quarantine and resume a full social life within the Foundation's residential facilities it is necessary to have a negative swab attesting to the student's full recovery or, alternatively, an explicit authorisation to this effect issued by the competent health authorities. The fact remains, however, that the Foundation cannot prevent students who so wish from leaving the facility to return home. 

As provided for by the VademecumIt is foreseen that the student who leaves the facility (check-out), should he/she subsequently wish to return must present suitable certification of the negative swab. However, the obligation to comply with the Foundation's instructions for the return of students to the Colleges and Residences always remains. 

In order to manage in the quickest, most effective and efficient way the various situations that can occur in this time of emergency, the Foundation has appointed for each location a "Covid-19 contact person"to which all enquiries or reports should be sent, with the exception of health matters, for which the EDUCatt Health Centre remains the reference. 

As always, the EDUCatt Foundation continues to offer maximum support to the entire collegiate community as far as it is able and as far as the criticality of the current situation allows.