EDUCatt Director's open letter to the collegiate community

image template Open letter from the EDUCatt Director to the collegiate community

In view of the reopening of the Colleges and Residences after the summer break, EDUCatt, in collaboration with the Catholic University, is committed to ensuring the better conditions to welcome the students, paying the utmost attention to all aspects of their stay in the facilities and especially to the health and the security of its guests.
EDUCatt Foundation Director Angelo Giornelli addresses all guests at the Colleges and Residences, reminding them of the correct behaviour and the main guidelines to be followed in the facilities with a view to ensuring thehospitality in continuing the growth of the individual and the development of transversal skills.

Below is the letter from the Director:

The choice of the College is certainly a valuable opportunity to enrich one's university career and to live one's studies to the full, and today even more so, it is an invitation to think about the future with serenity: with this in mind, EDUCatt, in agreement with the University, will continue to work to guarantee the best conditions for students, in a panorama that we hope will be more peaceful, but which will be addressed, as always, with the utmost attention also to the health and safety of the guests in the facilities.
In this regard, I would like to point out that the vademecum recently published, available in the together with all other documents created to manage the emergency, will continue to be updated and used as a mutual accountability tool, with the aim of minimising risks within the collegiate communities. The document, designed for the offer managed directly by EDUCatt, has been shared and has similar measures in all the facilities of the Foundation's housing offer.
From the very beginning, a working table made up of experts and senior figures from the Foundation, for the timely verification of best practices on a case-by-case basis. Within EDUCatt, the security protocol monitoring and verification groupmade up of the Foundation's audit specialists, in order to ascertain the consistency of the interventions and actions in place.
I protocols Arrangements, adjusted from time to time, will allow for calm management even in cases where there are double rooms or shared bathrooms for several rooms, and even in the undesirable case of dealing with symptomatic cases.

The essentials for these aspects include:

  1. Extraordinary cleaning and sanitisation of rooms and facilities prior to resumption, and an increase in sanitisation and cleaning practices compared to what is normally planned;
  2. the downgrading to single rooms of double rooms that do not allow for adequate bed spacing between heads;
  3. the provision to users of the products needed to sanitise the facilities after use, with specific recommendations;
  4. frequent ventilation of the rooms (recommendations to ventilate the room frequently are posted on each window);
  5. the indication in the common areas of the maximum contemporary capacity;
  6. the availability in each facility of a few rooms for the management of possible contagions or preventive quarantines;
  7. where appropriate, for students of the Faculty of Medicine, the relocation of guests by floors, based on attendance at the hospital;
  8. increased information and training on the use of protective equipment; in this regard, a number of targeted events are already planned for the September returns - together with the welcome kit containing masks and a vademecum;
  9. a reminder of the correct behaviour when leaving the facility, so that each guest is able to responsibly preserve his or her own health and that of the other guests at the College/Residence;
  10. the empowerment of collegians to immediately alert College Management in the event of any Covid-19 alarm symptoms.

With these and other measures that we will put in place, and which we will continue to communicate in a timely manner, I believe I can hope that the Colleges will remain as safe and welcoming places as ever, able to offer the optimal conditions for a humanly rich and enriching learning experience.

Angelo Giornelli