The Colleges of Rome, between non-fiction and photography: two contests kick off to celebrate the centenary of the Università Cattolica.

Always prolific places of culture, the Colleges of the Catholic University are inexhaustible forges of ideas and proactivity. For 2022, the COI is organising two contests on the Rome campus to celebrate the university's centenary between ethics and passion.

EDUCatt promotes and supports the initiative created by the COI - Intercollegiate Organisational Council with the creation of a literary contest and a photographic contest for the students hosted by the Colleges on Campus of the Catholic University of Rome.2022 02 15 contest with The Colleges of Rome, between non-fiction and photography: two contests kick off to celebrate the Centenary of the Catholic University.
The literary contest 'Centenary: caring for the person between ethics and morality'organised by the IOC, aims to award prizes to authors of scientific and literary non-fiction works that are relevant to the theme of personal care between ethics and morality.
The world we know today, the liquid and mellifluous reality in which we are immersed, has always been faced with the constant confrontation between morality and technical-scientific development. The latter, especially now, has had a considerable upsurge towards realities and new worlds that are not yet entirely without mystery to us. Today, especially in the health sector, one is faced with a constant confrontation between a morality that is as just and fair as possible, and an exponential growth in scientific and technological inputs.
What are the challenges now for the man at the centre of the diatribe? How much can ethics influence scientific research and how far can the latter evolve independently before having to renew a confrontation with morality? Is it right to look for intrinsic ethics in science or should we give rules, stakes, to the runaway train of technological and scientific revolutions? These are the questions behind the contest.
Also running in parallel is the photo contest, also devised by the IOC, entitled 'Passion' which was created with the intention is to remind the human soul what the real passionand how the latter must be renewed every day, to generate a true and spontaneous feeling every day. This photo contest wants to invite students to show, through photography, what their true passion is, which is often obscured by the constraints we are subjected to and the models imposed on us by society.
Passion is one of the three words exhibited by the Holy Fatherduring the homily he presided over on 5 November on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart. It is the boundless affection of a passionate heart that man needs today. It is needed to heal us and enable us to be reborn in this culture of discard and abandonment that we live today. But love and passion must never be mistaken for pious devotion, or even worse, for habit. True passion for one's neighbour is renewed every day, even at the cost of suffering, even at the cost of failing to get what one wants: true passion has no ulterior motive, true passion gladdens the heart.
The deadline for submitting materials is 17 March 2022.

In order to participate in the contests, it is necessary to read the available regulations in the dedicated web area.