Health at the Centre: Healthcare comes to the College

The experimental community collegiate health care project, for support at the centre of your needs.

health at the centre

EDUCatt puts the needs of the students in the collegiate community at the centre of its mission with the project Health at the Centrededicated nursing support to address doubts and respond to needs in a comfortable and safe environment, directly in your own facility.

The service is provided by qualified medical personnel as needed, with the support of EDUCatt contact persons within the facilities.

The initiative, which starts on an experimental basis in the month of October 2021 on the Milan site, primarily involves the guests of the Augustinianum Collegeof the Ludovicianum Collegeof the Marianum Collegeof the Paolo VI College and the Buonarroti Residence.

You can consult the operating hours and service arrangements at the gatehouse of your college or residence.