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Screening Activities for Colleges

screening covid 265x265 1 Screening activities for Colleges

With the aim of continuing to protect the safety of the students living in the boarding schools in the best possible way, EDUCatt launches a screening and monitoring activity aimed at the guests of the residential facilities.

EDUCatt gives students at each location, for the month of February, the opportunity to undergo free swab in the type and manner indicated below. The procedure, which may be repeated in the coming months, will allow the adequacy of the containment measures undertaken to be verified and will provide important data for tracking.

Membership is volunteerStudents will have to fill in the questionnaire they will receive by email in which EDUCatt will ask them to express their availability, following which they will be contacted for notification of the date of administration and for precise instructions.
In view of the possibilities of reinfectionthe offer is also aimed at students who have already developed the disease and subsequently become negative.
Please note that in order to use the service, you will have to communicate your personal data to the organisation that will carry out the administration, which will use them for the sole purpose of processing the application and in full compliance with current privacy legislation.

  • For the Rome campus tests will be carried out on 9 February, inside the EDUCatt Sporthouse marquee;
  • For the Milan campus the tests will be performed 9 to 11 Februaryin a specially prepared area in via s. Vittore 35;
  • For the Brescia campus the tests will be performed 10 to 12 February at the Novolabs Laboratory in Via Padova 1;
  • For the Piacenza campus the tests will be performed 25 and 26 February at the EDUCatt Health Centre.

Students who take up the opportunity will be contacted individually by email.