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Residences for away from home students – residences for top-notch students | a challenge for young talents” is the claim characterizing the selection process for the admission in the University Residences, a system created to integrate the educational proposal of Università Cattolica with the accommodation options offered to students: “on campus” or within the urban network.


  • Milan: application closed.
  • Piacenza-Cremona: application closed;
  • Brescia: application closed.
  • Rome: 21, 22 September 2022.

Instructions and Regulation for the call

In order to take part in the selection process for the admission in the University Residences, you must submit the application for the admission available in MyEDUCatt area, then click on “University Residences”, ”Admission/Readmission in the University residences”.

Access to MyEDUCatt

To access the University Residences of Università Cattolica, the students must meet the requirements listed in the regulation for the call (ePub version), specifically:

  • enroll for the very first time in a regular year of a bachelor degree, a master degree, a single-cycle master degree, a PhD or a specialization school;
  • be “away-from-home” students, according to the categories of the municipalities in relation to the campus of the university where they enroll (it is possible to check the list in the section Soluzioni abitative);
  • have recorded the minimum amount of academic credits foreseen in the the regulation for the call (for students enrolling in academic years following the first one).

Furthermore, it is necessary to have the certification concerning the economic situation of the family unit, namely “attestazione ISEE 2022 per le prestazioni agevolate per il Diritto allo studio universitario” available (this document is NOT necessary only in case the student intends to pay the highest fee). The students with incomes and/or properties abroad must request the specific “attestazione ISEEUP 2022” certification (please find more details in the regulation for the call).

If there are further places available in the University Residences and not assigned by EDUCatt, these ones may be re-allocated after the selections for the admission. In this case, all the necessary information will be published online.

The University Residences aim at offering comfortable housing solutions allowing the students not only to concentrate on their studies, but also to improve their overall background of life experiences and human relationships in a community context in line with the values of Università Cattolica.

This choice implies the acceptance of the University Residences regulations and, for the “On Campus” structures, the educational project.

The online application for Milano Campus is closed.

The online application for Piacenza Campus is closed.

The online application for Brescia Campus is closed.

The online application for the admission will be available in the following periods:

  • 1st phase > Courses of “Medicina e chirurgia”, “Medicine and surgery”, “Odontoiatria”, “Economia” (application closed).
  • 2nd phase > Courses of “Professioni sanitarie” (bachelor and master degree courses), “Farmacia” and Faculty of “Economia”: from 1 to 15 September 2022 at 23:59.

Income and merit-based requirements will be integrated by the evaluation of the applicants based on their previous academic merit and the outcome of an interview with the Commission concerning:

  • the applicants’ potentialities, considering both the past career and the future intentions;
  • the reasons leading to their choice of the university residence;
  • their inclination to life in a community context;
  • their inclination to actively take part in the educational project of the “on campus” University Residence.

The interviews with the Commission are taking place online via Microsoft Teams (available both for the desktop and the mobile version) on the following dates:

  • 1st phase > Courses of “Medicina e chirurgia”, “Medicine and surgery”, “Odontoiatria”, “Economia” (application closed);
  • 2nd phase > Courses of “Professioni sanitarie” (bachelor and master degree courses), “Farmacia” and Faculty of “Economia”: 21 and 22 September 2022 at 23:59.

The students who submit the online application will be sent the official invitation to join the interview during one of the available time slots on the dates mentioned above for the selections. The invitation will be sent within the two days preceding the mentioned dates and will also indicate the time slot for the interview. In case it is impossible for the applicant to take part in the interview on the proposed date due to serious reasons (e.g. health issues), they can get in touch with the Financial Support office of the campus by email, in order to agree on a new appointment.

It is important to have a currently valid identity document available because the Commission will ask the applicants to show it, in order to be identified.
Prior to the interview, it is recommended to test that the Teams app works properly on the selected device (desktop or mobile) and, if necessary, to have headphones available.

The outcomes of the selections will be sent by email following the below scheduling:

  • 1st phase applicants > by 25 July 2022;
  • 2nd phase applicants > by 30 September 2022.

It is possible to submit an information request via the web form.

Information request

EDUCatt Financial Support offices are also available by email and telephone: please see the contact details in the specific web area.

It is possible to submit an information request via the web form.